The gospel local bands have been in existence across the world for ages and many people’s life have been changed as a result of inspirational and motivational lyrics of their songs. It is important to understand, the common themes of gospel music comprises of worship, praise, lament, as well as penitence. You may have known about all of these attributes of a gospel music, but there might be other amazing and motivational facts you may be missing about the local band religious songs’; and that is why this article is important to you. In this article, you will be familiar with 6 interesting facts about local band’s religious songs that will make you have more interest and affection in them.

jazz-band.gospel-630x3101. Gospel band music is peace-oriented

Oh yes, there’s no sound of music that is as sweet and touching as anything else than gospel music. Hearing the sound of it alone will give you peace of mind especially if it involves worship.

2. Gospel music is uniquely communicated

One of the most interesting and amazing fact about gospel music is that not only does it lift up positive spirits and improve spiritual life, but it is uniquely communicated across the world and is never pessimistic.

3. Most secular music artists have been touched by the power of gospel music

It is important to know that, it’s always rare to find an artist that has not been inspired with the power of gospel band music. Most of the secular music artists we see today have started their careers in the church choir – to name a few: Joe, Whitney Houston, R Kelly, Katy Perry, John legend, among others.

4. Gospel band music brings you closer to God

Another most interesting fact about gospel band music is there’s no way you will be involved in it and your life remain the same. It allows you to love God more and more, it also informs your character and improves your talents.

5. Gospel band music can heal you

Many people will doubt this, but it’s actually true; it has happened to many people before, and it will continue to happen to others in future as long as it is done in truth and in spirit. True worship and praises is very good in healing, it is always accompanied with passion and it keeps balm with the soul. When you are deep into worship chances are all your pains and sorrow will be taken away that moment and your life will instantly change for good.

6.  Gospel band music relaxes minds

No matter how frustrated you might be, there are some moments of worship that will make you relaxed and forget about your difficult moments. Singing gospel songs is something that calms nerves and eases all tensions.


In the end, it is good to understand, local band of religious songs has so many different genres of music and within the gospel arena there are hip-hop, gospel soul, gospel R&B, gospel Urban, and Gospel traditional. All these genres of music are uniquely communicated with passion, love, and respect for God. This article was written to ignite that spirit of interest and passion (with the local band of religious songs) in you and to remind you of the benefits of gospel songs in your daily lives. Hope this helps a lot.


It is important to know, most of the secular artists we see today used to be products of the gospel band group in their respective geographical locations. Rarely would you see any popular present day artist that hasn’t been touched or developed by the gospel choir. The fact that most of them started their music careers at young age proofs that the Christian music industry can still hold on and keep other young talents by helping them in developing their potentials in the gospel music world. In this article, we are going to look at 5 ways our local band of religious songs can help young talents to develop their potentials and become assets in the Christian music industry.

1. Sacrifice

One thing that will make young talents exploit their potentials is through sacrifice. By sacrificing lots of activities (like chatting, computer game, goofing off, etc) that will keep them away from becoming what they ought to be in the gospel music industry, it means they’re paving their ways on the path of success. Participating in the local band of religious songs’ practices really pays and it will help out the young talents to discover about their capabilities.

The trouble with talent is nurturing it_21a0176a13a1bd8c86ccc0ed16e33cab2. Manners and respect

It is important to understand, band members have values and ethics that have become part of their habits. Joining a local gospel band team will help improve on your manners of approach and will as well earn you respect among individuals.

3. Practice experience

Participating in lots of music practices will give young talents experience in skills that reach far beyond musical notes. At the initial stage they may not realize they are getting experience in so many aspects of life-skills that will have positive impacts as they grow older, but when they get involved in musical programs and practices their brains will begin to develop and they will have the opportunities to become stars in future.

4. Creative problem solving

The band members’ practice flexibility can have positive impacts in the life of our young talents to be creative in problem solving issues. This can help them to make adjustments and they’ll take all constructive criticism seriously.

5. A chance to become resilience

By resiliency, it means the young talents will be able to learn to adapt or to recover from any setback. By participating in the band’s activities, the young ones would learn so many things about life; they will also be able to bounce back whenever they’re faced with challenges. It is important to know that, sometimes pressure from unfavourable state of affairs may likely have negative impacts in the lives our young ones. With the gospel band team, a lot of programs that are spiritually-inclined would be done and this will serve as a motivating factor that will help keep them strong in the Lord and also in their daily lives.

In conclusion, if you are interested about gospel music and you really want to pursue that dreams, check and see if there is any local band of religious songs group in your neighbourhood and identify yourself with them. However, if you cannot find a local band group within your vicinity you can ask around, and surely you would find one in the town.

Behind the Scenes: ‘Choose Your Mountain’

This is our 4th album in the 5 years that we have been together as a group and, in many ways, it was the most difficult to produce. Partly because we were still getting settled with our new roster, but mostly because of the message we were trying to present.

Water-Heart-Love-Wallpapers-HD-1024x640Religious Choices in America and the World:

The search for the divine, the transcendental, the reason behind the way things are is a universal element of our society. From the smallest mountain village to the biggest urban sprawl, the search for the meaning of life goes on, and it usually involves looking beyond ourselves for answers.

Religious groups and doctrines are older than history and predate what we would call civilization. And unfortunately, despite thousands of years of searching, there is still no universal agreement as to the answers.

Choice without Malice:

Each religious group, whether Christian, Islam, Buddhist, Hindi, or other has their own world view which defines how the divine is achieved or accessed. The question is, can we practice our religions without discord?

Looking for the Truth:

We are all looking for the truth in life, and we in the Christian Religious community, like those in other groups, feel that we have found it. But that does not mean that there needs to be enmity between us and the rest of the religious world. That is what we strove for in our ‘Choose Your Mountain’ album.

The title cut shows our own personal search for the truth, for the mountain which birthed a faith that we can follow. With other people, in other lands, other mountains may be their source.


Our second cut, ‘Represent’, is our way of saying that it is better to show the world what is right about our religious viewpoint than to try and point out what is wrong with those who chose a different mountain, a different way to the divine.

Speaking candidly, I believe that we are right, and that the faith that we follow is one that will lead to salvation and peace. But I also believe that the faith that I follow allows and, in fact, requires me to respect the views, choices and faiths of those who share this world.

Intelligent discourse in our divided world is an ongoing problem, with political, ideological and religious difference often causing seemingly unbridgeable gaps between groups, individuals and entire countries.

‘Narrow Gate’:

Another feature cut on this album is ‘Narrow Gate’, which highlights the importance of choosing to seek a moral and ethical standard rather than wandering around lost and hopeless in the highways of life. Each of us must navigate our lives, but to try to do so without instruments, charts and advice can be dangerous. We need to look to the wisdom of those who have gone before, as well as the insights of those who are looking to the future.

Available January 1:

After January 1, our album can be downloaded on our website.

Tour Notes: Northern Ohio Tour Next Month

gigWe have a new opportunity to expand our outreach next month with our second regional tour. This time we are traveling through the Northern Ohio area, where we will be visiting 6 cities in 8 days. A full schedule is posted on our calendar page, for any of you from who want to come and see us.

We have been planning this for a while now. Our Email lists showed that we have a lot of new fans in Ohio, especially after we played the Cleveland Winter Worship Festival last year. Hopefully we will be able to extend our reach to your part of the country.

January 3- Bowling Green

We will be on the Bowling Green campus on January 3 at the Student Center. Our concert will be in association with the outreach event being staged by the campus religious groups. Our set begins at 6:00PM and goes on until 7:30PM. A number of other groups and performers will be there as well, including those representing faiths outside of the Christian community. The event is free and open to all. We will have merchandise for sale.

January 4- Toledo University

After we clear up at the Bowling Green campus, we will be heading North to Toledo University where we will be doing a single set at the Open Book coffee shop run by one of the religious fraternities. We will be doing several songs from our new CD as well as some old favorites. We are hoping that our old lead singer Patty Wells will be able to swing by for a few cuts. She is now running a halfway house in the Toledo area, and hopes to be able to clear her schedule to sit in with us. So if you are a fan of her work, try and be there.

January 5- Defiance Community Center

We will be doing a quick set in Defiance, Ohio at the community center where a number of local and regional worship groups will be performing. This event is still being organized so check their web site for details.

January 6- Cleveland State University

We will once again be part of the Winter Worship Festival held on the Cleveland State campus from 4PM till after midnight. We are among the opening groups, so come early if you want to see us. We will be debuting the title cut from our new album, ‘Choose Your Mountain’. Discount downloads will be available to people who visit our merchandise table during the festival.

January 9- Lakeland Community College

The Lake County Christian Outreach association is sponsoring a mini version of the Cleveland Winter Worship Festival, featuring many of the groups who performed previously, as well as some of the local Lake County groups.

January 10- Youngstown

We will be stopping in Youngstown on our way back to Pittsburgh at the Copper Kettle coffee shop and bookstore. We hope to see a few of our PA friends make the trip across the border. We will be playing mostly from our new album, which will be available on our web site starting January 1.

Times, details and map links are on our calendar page.


Have you ever noticed in a spiritual gathering, the congregations are not really following the songs sung by the local band team? There are many factors that may lead to that and we’re going to look at them one by one. Some of these factors are quite funny, but the article will serve as a wakeup call for all local bands of religious songs to try as much as possible to carry along with the congregations during worship and praises. If the congregations aren’t following or singing anymore in a gospel gathering, the following reasons might likely the factors involved.

Carry+Flame+JS+small1. They don’t know the song

It is important to know that in this contemporary world, local gospel band teams are releasing latest hits and bringing in new songs day-by-day. Worship leaders tend to get into spiritual emotions by singing out unknown songs and forgetting that the congregation also needs to participate; this can make the congregation turn out to be spectators because they don’t really grab it. We’ve seen this many times. It is important to bring-in the worship and praises songs they know so that they will be carried along. However, if opportunities may warrant them to learn a few short songs, it will also be a good idea.

2. Singing songs that are not suitable for congregational singing

Another factor that make congregation not singing during worship is actually the rhythm of the song. Some of the songs worship leaders sing are not suitable for congregational singing and not suitable for average singer.

3. They can’t hear or see people around them singing

This happens most of the times and it sounds funny. You may notice a times, there are imbalances between the music and the congregation; if the music is too low or too high, the congregation may find it difficult to pick up and they will often keep mute and become spectators. Once a person turns around and sees the people beside him not singing because of the flow of the music, he also may not develop the interest in that and it will go a long way to affect the entire congregation.

4. The songs are not connecting with the congregation

Sometimes, worship leaders and the congregation can get carried away by the music and got caught up mixing words in different rhythm. This situation can disrupt the rhythm of the songs and can affect the momentum in the house. In this case, the worship leader should program the timing of the song and let them know when they expect to sing.

5. The keys are too high for congregational singing

Some local band worship leaders tend to pitch songs in keys that are too high for the average singers. If the congregation can’t catch up with the range of the song, they will be struggling to pick up and they’ll eventually lose courage and as well stop singing. This will make them become spectators; therefore, it is important to maintain a key that everyone will catch up when leading congregational praises or worship.

In conclusion, this article is not meant to bash our local band of religious songs teams worldwide, but it is a reminder that moment of worship has to be participatory and everyone needs to be carried along.

When this has been achieved, it will be appealing to see that the whole congregation are singing with passion.

Coffee House Set

One of the benefits of being part of a small, acoustic band is that you can set up anywhere. This last weekend, we were at the 4th Street Coffee House for a gospel jam featuring worship groups from several of the local churches, including a few I have never visited.

It’s always nice to meet new friends in the gospel world, and exchange worship tips and tricks.

The 4th Street Coffee House is an outreach of the West Side Ecumenical Society and features worship sets 3 nights a week and an open mic night on Fridays. The Worship Jam was a special event held Saturday Evening in conjunction with the Worship Leader workshop being held at the Downtown Marriott. The workshop was created to help bridge the gaps between churches and denominations where it comes to worship styles and song choices.

bermondsey-street-coffee-best-london-cafe-houseOur band, “At The Well”, did a 40-minute sidebar session at the workshop focusing on blending contemporary and traditional song styles, with an emphasis on creating a more inclusive atmosphere with regards to worship sets.

So, back the coffee shop. Our group opened the set with a few old favorites from or hymnal CD, including ‘Rugged Cross’, ‘Were you There’ and ‘Glory Bound’.

The set was MC’d by the worship leader from the First Baptist Church, and ran from 8PM till nearly 11. All tolled, 14 soloists and small groups performed to a full and attentive house. Each group was encouraged to bring some of their CD’s and download cards, some of which were available for free.

The real benefit of the evening was the communication and sharing among the participants. Worship styles can be a divisive element in any church setting, and more than one church split has been precipitated by the hiring of a new worship leader or choir director. It is unfortunate that an activity meant to enhance communion among the saints can so often bring discord and controversy.

The biggest take away from the weekend is that we should all be more open to other styles of worship. This is especially true of us in the contemporary worship scene. It’s easy to point at the old timers with their hymnals and camp songs, accusing them of being closed minded with regard to the newer worship styles and the message of contemporary worship music.

But are we, representing the new generation of worship leaders and performers, just as guilty of closed minded attitudes towards music? We say to our elders, ‘you need to get with the times’, yet we refuse to consider the value of any song written more than 10 years in the past.

There is a lot of good worship music out there, from many different generations, styles and formats. While we may prefer a particular genre, we should not cut ourselves off from the rest of the worship community based solely on our preference.

As a courtesy to our new friends and fellow members of the worship community, we will be linking to some of their web sites, blogs and CD sites for the next few weeks.

If you want to expand your horizons, and share in some of what we got to experience, then feel free to click the links.


Music live background. Guitar player and public

It is important to know that you can be a fan of rock music, you can also be a big fan of country western music, and jazz music as well; but listening to gospel music is something that will give you lasting peace of mind. Gospel music is unique in its way, it’s calming, it’s soothing, and can get right to the point irrespective of what you are going through at the moment. As a local band religious song team, it isn’t a good thing having made all the necessary efforts and produced an album, but unfortunately it couldn’t reach out to the right market or target population due to some hurdles beyond control. If you have a band website or any online channel that is linked with your band club, here are 5 things you can do to promote your band and its songs.


  • Contact Local Christian Radio Stations

One of the simplest ways to get people to know more about your local band of religious songs or CD releases or about your touring dates is to contact the local Christian radio stations. This is a proofing good effort because radio stations can be the best platform for targeted audience.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is important to understand, there are millions of websites and blogs worldwide on the internet and it will take you extra efforts for your own blog or website to be seen on search engines or get heavy traffic online. You can use certain keywords that you think people will be searching on religious songs or new bands.  And also, people will stumble across your blog because the blog will easily appear on search engine first page.

  • Online Press Releases And Print Publications

Press release and local news paper publications can be a very effective way to catch the attention of your target audience about your local band team or new CDs or anything associated with that. There are a number of press release sites to help you in this; the most popular and most utilized ones are christiannewstoday.com, prfree.com, among others.

  • Create Social Media Accounts

It is important to know that one of the fastest ways and most reliable methods to reach out to the world is through social media. As a local band of religious songs, you will need to share your songs, and information about your team for people to see. Create Facebook page, MySpace, twitter, and more for the club; these are valuable tools for many fans and independent artists and will give them the opportunity to keep in touch with the local band.

  • Sacrifice A Little By Supporting Someone

Give your fans and friends the opportunity to know more about your songs by making and sharing stickers, organizing concerts, printing T-shirts, posters and billboards, offering free ringtones, and more. When you do this with everything having your club’s name and address on it chances are you will become more popular than you probably might have imagine.


In conclusion, know that this is not mainly to show to the whole world about your gospel album, but the above points should take you to the next level. It is advisable for you to implement these points so as to make your local band of religious songs well-known and also improve your performance to the higher level.

4 Peeps you didn’t know rocked Christian Rock

maxresdefault4 – Owl City

Do you remember that song Fireflies? It’s a distant memory now but a few years ago Adam Young or Owl City went to number one of pretty much everything with his quirky, new pop song fireflies! Since then, he’s been a little absent from the public radar with the exception of lending his voice to the soundtrack behind The Croods and Wreck it Ralph. For his loyal followers of equally quirky people, he has been a constant source of indie rock and, surprisingly, Christian rock. Here are some lyrics from his songs.

You’re not alone

You rescued me and I believe

That God is love and he is all I need

From this day fourth, for all eternity.

Tidal Wave

Then I was given grace and love

I was blind but now I see

‘cause I found a new hope from above

And courage swept over me

3 – Kings of Leon

No, we’re not kidding. The ‘Your sex is on fire’ people do actually make Christian rock. The 3 brothers in the band are the Pentecostal preacher’s sons. Despite this, the music largely remains secular. From time to time though, you do catch lyrics that limit the mirror the boys’ upbringings. Admittedly, whenever they do, it’s some scary stuff and seems to involve fire, brimstone or some mention of the devil.


As the rat, and the fly

They’re searching for an alibi…


I went and I sold my soul to Jesus….

2 – The Fray

This one is a little finicky because, though the entire band consists of Christians, they decided not to play Christian music as it would limit their reach. It’s an understandable decision and we respect their choice. Despite this, their debut EP ‘How to save a Life’ received acclaim in the Christian community, with Christian music magazine ‘Jesus Freak Hideout’ calling it nearly perfect and 4.5/5 stars.

1 – Black Sabbath

We swear! We did our research! Ozzy Osbourne and the bat biting and all, technically count as Christian rock. We’ll take a look at their lyrics in a sec, but first, the band members themselves.  We’ve never ourselves been to a concert but apparently, Ozzy has been known to say a prayer before every song, wear a cross and kiss it every now and then. On to the lyrics

After Forever

Could it be you’re afraid of what your friends might say…..

War Pigs

Now in darkness world stops turning Ashes where the bodies burning…..

We have researched the best local bands that sing the religious songs or are related to the religious singings. I tried to give brief about all of them, and I hope, you’d love to know about them.