4 Peeps you didn’t know rocked Christian Rock

maxresdefault4 – Owl City

Do you remember that song Fireflies? It’s a distant memory now but a few years ago Adam Young or Owl City went to number one of pretty much everything with his quirky, new pop song fireflies! Since then, he’s been a little absent from the public radar with the exception of lending his voice to the soundtrack behind The Croods and Wreck it Ralph. For his loyal followers of equally quirky people, he has been a constant source of indie rock and, surprisingly, Christian rock. Here are some lyrics from his songs.

You’re not alone

You rescued me and I believe

That God is love and he is all I need

From this day fourth, for all eternity.

Tidal Wave

Then I was given grace and love

I was blind but now I see

‘cause I found a new hope from above

And courage swept over me

3 – Kings of Leon

No, we’re not kidding. The ‘Your sex is on fire’ people do actually make Christian rock. The 3 brothers in the band are the Pentecostal preacher’s sons. Despite this, the music largely remains secular. From time to time though, you do catch lyrics that limit the mirror the boys’ upbringings. Admittedly, whenever they do, it’s some scary stuff and seems to involve fire, brimstone or some mention of the devil.


As the rat, and the fly

They’re searching for an alibi…


I went and I sold my soul to Jesus….

2 – The Fray

This one is a little finicky because, though the entire band consists of Christians, they decided not to play Christian music as it would limit their reach. It’s an understandable decision and we respect their choice. Despite this, their debut EP ‘How to save a Life’ received acclaim in the Christian community, with Christian music magazine ‘Jesus Freak Hideout’ calling it nearly perfect and 4.5/5 stars.

1 – Black Sabbath

We swear! We did our research! Ozzy Osbourne and the bat biting and all, technically count as Christian rock. We’ll take a look at their lyrics in a sec, but first, the band members themselves.  We’ve never ourselves been to a concert but apparently, Ozzy has been known to say a prayer before every song, wear a cross and kiss it every now and then. On to the lyrics

After Forever

Could it be you’re afraid of what your friends might say…..

War Pigs

Now in darkness world stops turning Ashes where the bodies burning…..

We have researched the best local bands that sing the religious songs or are related to the religious singings. I tried to give brief about all of them, and I hope, you’d love to know about them.



'At the Well' is a band, but we are not just about the music. We feel that the message that is behind the song is the important element in what we do.

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