Have you ever noticed in a spiritual gathering, the congregations are not really following the songs sung by the local band team? There are many factors that may lead to that and we’re going to look at them one by one. Some of these factors are quite funny, but the article will serve as a wakeup call for all local bands of religious songs to try as much as possible to carry along with the congregations during worship and praises. If the congregations aren’t following or singing anymore in a gospel gathering, the following reasons might likely the factors involved.

Carry+Flame+JS+small1. They don’t know the song

It is important to know that in this contemporary world, local gospel band teams are releasing latest hits and bringing in new songs day-by-day. Worship leaders tend to get into spiritual emotions by singing out unknown songs and forgetting that the congregation also needs to participate; this can make the congregation turn out to be spectators because they don’t really grab it. We’ve seen this many times. It is important to bring-in the worship and praises songs they know so that they will be carried along. However, if opportunities may warrant them to learn a few short songs, it will also be a good idea.

2. Singing songs that are not suitable for congregational singing

Another factor that make congregation not singing during worship is actually the rhythm of the song. Some of the songs worship leaders sing are not suitable for congregational singing and not suitable for average singer.

3. They can’t hear or see people around them singing

This happens most of the times and it sounds funny. You may notice a times, there are imbalances between the music and the congregation; if the music is too low or too high, the congregation may find it difficult to pick up and they will often keep mute and become spectators. Once a person turns around and sees the people beside him not singing because of the flow of the music, he also may not develop the interest in that and it will go a long way to affect the entire congregation.

4. The songs are not connecting with the congregation

Sometimes, worship leaders and the congregation can get carried away by the music and got caught up mixing words in different rhythm. This situation can disrupt the rhythm of the songs and can affect the momentum in the house. In this case, the worship leader should program the timing of the song and let them know when they expect to sing.

5. The keys are too high for congregational singing

Some local band worship leaders tend to pitch songs in keys that are too high for the average singers. If the congregation can’t catch up with the range of the song, they will be struggling to pick up and they’ll eventually lose courage and as well stop singing. This will make them become spectators; therefore, it is important to maintain a key that everyone will catch up when leading congregational praises or worship.

In conclusion, this article is not meant to bash our local band of religious songs teams worldwide, but it is a reminder that moment of worship has to be participatory and everyone needs to be carried along.

When this has been achieved, it will be appealing to see that the whole congregation are singing with passion.



'At the Well' is a band, but we are not just about the music. We feel that the message that is behind the song is the important element in what we do.

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