Behind the Scenes: ‘Choose Your Mountain’

This is our 4th album in the 5 years that we have been together as a group and, in many ways, it was the most difficult to produce. Partly because we were still getting settled with our new roster, but mostly because of the message we were trying to present.

Water-Heart-Love-Wallpapers-HD-1024x640Religious Choices in America and the World:

The search for the divine, the transcendental, the reason behind the way things are is a universal element of our society. From the smallest mountain village to the biggest urban sprawl, the search for the meaning of life goes on, and it usually involves looking beyond ourselves for answers.

Religious groups and doctrines are older than history and predate what we would call civilization. And unfortunately, despite thousands of years of searching, there is still no universal agreement as to the answers.

Choice without Malice:

Each religious group, whether Christian, Islam, Buddhist, Hindi, or other has their own world view which defines how the divine is achieved or accessed. The question is, can we practice our religions without discord?

Looking for the Truth:

We are all looking for the truth in life, and we in the Christian Religious community, like those in other groups, feel that we have found it. But that does not mean that there needs to be enmity between us and the rest of the religious world. That is what we strove for in our ‘Choose Your Mountain’ album.

The title cut shows our own personal search for the truth, for the mountain which birthed a faith that we can follow. With other people, in other lands, other mountains may be their source.


Our second cut, ‘Represent’, is our way of saying that it is better to show the world what is right about our religious viewpoint than to try and point out what is wrong with those who chose a different mountain, a different way to the divine.

Speaking candidly, I believe that we are right, and that the faith that we follow is one that will lead to salvation and peace. But I also believe that the faith that I follow allows and, in fact, requires me to respect the views, choices and faiths of those who share this world.

Intelligent discourse in our divided world is an ongoing problem, with political, ideological and religious difference often causing seemingly unbridgeable gaps between groups, individuals and entire countries.

‘Narrow Gate’:

Another feature cut on this album is ‘Narrow Gate’, which highlights the importance of choosing to seek a moral and ethical standard rather than wandering around lost and hopeless in the highways of life. Each of us must navigate our lives, but to try to do so without instruments, charts and advice can be dangerous. We need to look to the wisdom of those who have gone before, as well as the insights of those who are looking to the future.

Available January 1:

After January 1, our album can be downloaded on our website.



'At the Well' is a band, but we are not just about the music. We feel that the message that is behind the song is the important element in what we do.

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